This is a document that explain the steps I took to migrate fax@vantage to a Windows 2003 Server. One of our client had outdated hardware that needed to be replace with a new server. When complete be sure to set the new server with the same name and IP address as the existing server.

Step 1 – Back up the Server

  • Copy the fax@vantage folder (C:\Program Files\Applied Systems\@vantage) from the existing server to a temp directory on the new server
  • Copy the database files (ASFaxingSQL.mdf and ASFaxingSQL_log.LDF) to the temp directory on the new server. To do this, browse to the utilities folder (the default location is C:\Program Files\Applied Systems\@vantage\utilities) and double click MSDEAdmin.exe
  • Enter Username: sa  and Password: Faxsupport03
  • Click Database Operations > Detach Database
  • Once complete navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$FAX\Data and copy ASFaxingSQL.mdf and ASFaxingSQL_log.LDF to a temp directory on the new server

Step 2 – Install Fax@vantage Software

Step 3 – Install and Configure the Brook Trout Fax Card

Do this first:


Do this second:

Step 4 – Copy the data from the temp directory to the Fax@vantage share

Step 5 – Move the Backup Database files to the correct directory and mount DB

Step 6 – Move the Archive folder to the D:\ if needed

Step 7 – Setup Auto-Logon for fax user account


Step 8 – Test inbound and outbound