• Set up DRAC on new server and test access to new server from outside the firewall (need URL/credentials open port on firewall)
  • Make sure BESR Boot Disk is inserted in disk drive (option-create ISO of boot disk and mount)
  • Have the service tag or model number of new server to look up and download NIC and cotroller drivers
  • Available IP addess for new server during setup
  • NAS information for drive mapping
  • Setup maintainence/project window and notifacation to users

Step 1

  • Uninstall management software (if the server is a different brand)
  • Disble port 25 (Mail) and 4125 (RWW) on the firewall (disable not delete rule)
  • Download NIC and PERC RAID drivers of the new server to the desktop of the old server
  • Copy of the drivers on the NAS drive (Very Important)
  • Stop all scheduled Backup Exec Jobs
  • Disable Shadow Copy
  • Make a new BESR job set it to run to the NAS
  • Make sure restore anywhere is enabled (must be licensed to work)
  • Set to verify the image, make sure it starts properly

Step 2

  • Access new server via DRAC
  • Boot to the recovery CD on new server
  • Set an IP addess in BESR recovery CD menu
  • Map a drive to the NAS (use IP) in BESR recovery CD menu
  • Load driver for NIC and Controller
  • Deleted any additial drives such as recovery and FAT32 partitions
  • Load the image and start the restore process. We select the restore anywhere option, that will reset the HAL and all device drivers.
  • Repeat for D: if needed (size drive to remaining diskspace)
  • Reboot new server and enter BIOS to disabled NIC
  • Reboot and let windows redetect new Hardware and then it should automatically reboot
  • If we can get to the destop and then shut down server
  • Shutdown the old server
  • Reboot new server and enter BIOS to enable NIC
  • Set IP addess at the same IP address as the old server
  • Check services and event viewer
  • Activate Windows
  • Re-enable shadow copy
  • Resize the D: if needed (download and installed acronis disk director server 10.0 uninstall when complete)
  • Install NIC drives using the DRAC
  • Upated all Drivers and Firmware Chipset, BIOS if needed
  • Download and Install Dell Open Manage from
  • Enable Ports 25 and 4125 on firewall – verify port are open using
  • Appriver – release mail if needed


  • Exchange -RDP client and test outlook
  • IIS (SharePoint,OWA, RWW,OM)
  • Server Administrator and Logs
  • Services/Event Viewer
  • Applications launch TAM
  • Create new BESR image of new sever